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What is Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga?

(In Progress)

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga   is one of the oldest and most dynamic, very intensive styles of the Hatha Yoga system, in which series of exercises flow into one another in flowing movements. 

At Ashtanga YOGAHOME, we mainly teach Ashtanga Yoga according to the teachings of T. Krischnamacharya.

The practice of Ashtanga Yoga leads to the harmonization of the breath, the body, the entire nervous system and the mind. Through this practice, a state of vitality and health can arise. The mind experiences peace and clarity.  Der: the practitioner gains insight and growth on a spiritual and mental level. The asanas shape us physically, making the practitioner empowered and flexible on a holistic level.

The Ashtanga Yoga practice can already after a short time enable a profound change on a physical, mental and energetic level: The body becomes more supple and stronger, the ability to concentrate and relax is increased and self-confidence is strengthened.

The main practice of Ashtanga Yoga consists of fixed series (six series in total) of postures that combine various yogic techniques such as the Vinyasa principle, Ujjayi breathing (breathing technique), Bandhas (energy locks) and Dristhi (gaze alignments).

This form of exercise is traditionally taught at Ashtanga YOGAHOME in the so-called Ashtanga MYSORE-STYLE, ie the sequence is practiced in one's own breathing rhythm and with individual support from the teacher. This helps. In our Mysore courses, you have the opportunity, both as a beginner and as an experienced practitioner, to build up and expand your own regular yoga practice step by step, which is geared to your individual needs. Here you practice the postures (asanas) in a group independently in your own breathing rhythm and are individually supported by the teacher.

In India, life energy is known as "Prana" while in China it is "Chi". The effects of yoga can be compared to the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine. In yoga, the energy channels in the body are called "nadis" with "granthis" (from Sanskrit for "knot") located along these channels.

In our studio in Berlin we have developed a wide range of Ashtanga Yoga, Prenatal & Postnatal as well as Restorative Yoga programs to meet the diverse personal and physical demands of the modern world. Our space is designed for rest and relaxation. Using the classic asana sequence of Ashtanga Yoga, we develop our students' strength, flexibility and focus so that they can relieve stress and tension and find a healthy balance in their everyday lives.

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