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Baby & Kids Yoga

baby yoga


Help your child develop their reflexes and help your body recover from pregnancy in this fun and adaptable class for babies aged 12 weeks to 18 months.

You will learn a range of playful exercises to support your baby's physical, mental and emotional development, as well as some gentle massage techniques. This can support your child as they develop the ability to move independently as a toddler.


For the mother, your well-being will be enhanced through a combination of gentle postnatal yoga and combined positions. This shared relaxation session for mother and child encourages a strong bond and is simply a joyful experience filled with songs and fun movements. We also offer many tips and ideas for your daily ritual at home.

Wear comfortable clothing and please bring a towel or soft blanket to lay your child on.

Baby Yoga I

For babies between 12 weeks and approx. 9 months.

Baby Yoga II

For babies between 9 and 18 months.

SMART toddler yoga

SMART (stretch, move and relax together) for mother and child is the continuation of our baby yoga practice for more mobile babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Using songs and nursery rhymes, as well as plenty of movement and stretching, SMART lessons support the transition from childhood to increased mobility.

Our classes offer parents the opportunity to experience sport and fun with their children, to develop their strength, flexibility and balance and to teach relaxation as opposed to activity.

These courses are ideal for mobile babies up to 4 years old.

For more information please contact us directly as toddler yoga is only available on request and there are no regularly scheduled classes.

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Your baby yoga teacher


I opened our studio in 2013 and teach there with all my heart. A baby yoga class is a great addition to dealing with babies in general. 

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