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Postnatal recovery with yoga
Reclaim your postpartum body

Your body will thank you in the future

Postnatal recovery with yoga combines deep breathing with small, slow movements and stretches.

A lot of regeneration with little effort, sustainable exercises for new mothers with small time windows.

In this workshop we will show you exercises that will help you realign your posture after pregnancy and close your body after the birth.

These gentle breathing and stretching exercises can prevent stress incontinence and uterine prolapse. They help strengthen all the muscles in the abdomen and create relaxing space in the back.

They are safe to practice shortly after your baby is born.  Two hours after vaginal delivery and once the stitches/staples are removed following a cesarean section. 

The first exercises can also be done on a bed or a couch. 

In addition, we show, among other things, further postnatal exercises, guide breastfeeding, show relaxation carrying handles and much more.

First massage & Gentle baby yoga rounds off the hours and the shared experience for mom and baby.


A wonderful birth gift  - or

organize your own home visit in advance.

As a workshop series on December 9th and 11th. & 16/18.12.

and from January/February 2024 


Also available as a jewelry voucher


Postnatal recovery:

a practice in a home visit approx. 75 minutes 120 €

three appointments in the home visit €300

possibly plus travel fees (in AltTreptow none)

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