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information about the practice

  • Make sure you have a relatively empty stomach, your last meal should have been a few hours before the practice.

  • Please bring your own mat and, if necessary, a towel. 

  • Regular participants can store their own mat with us.

  • Für Besucher und Einsteiger stellen wir kostenlos Yogamatten zur Verfügung (zurzeit leider nicht  Hygieneregeln ).

  • Please pay attention to clean, well-groomed feet, especially in summer, and clean our mats after use. 

  • It is good to take a shower at home beforehand or, if necessary, to wash in our bathroom.

  • Please note no deodorants, perfumes  etc. to use, the artificial fragrances may bother other practitioners and strain the respiratory tract.

  • We mostly practice Open Mysore in our yoga classes - ring the bell and wait until we open - we do this in any case, just not during the sitting meditation and the chant. You can start your practice within the first 30 minutes.

  • Please do not enter the yoga room during de chants, after the Om you can come back in.

  • If you want an adjustment in a certain asana and the teacher is busy, wait a moment until she/he can attend to you.

  • We practice in silence.

During menstruation, some women do not want to practice Ashtanga Yoga for a few days, here we offer gentle practice alternatives. The same applies to Ashtanga Yoga during pregnancy.   Modifications are necessary, please contact us.

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