How to get the most from our class

We want to give you and all our other students the best experience possible. To help us make this happen, here are few easy things you can do:


  • Plan to eat after the class instead of before. Yoga is much more comfortable on an empty stomach.

  • If you have your own mat and towel, please bring it with you. Beginners are welcome to borrow one of our own mats. If you’re a regular, you can store your mat here.

  • Check that your feet are clean, especially in summer, and if you borrow a mat please clean it for the next person.

  • We have a bathroom where you can shower if necessary. Many of our students find it easier to shower at home beforehand.

  • Deodorants and perfume can burden the airways and disturb the practice of other students, so please avoid wearing them.

  • If you hear a class chanting or observe them meditating, please wait before ringing the doorbell or entering the room.

  • If your teacher is busy with another student and you need assistance, simply wait until they are free and they will notice.

  • We practice with as much silence as possible to maintain focus and mindfulness.

  • If you are menstruating, you may wish to skip yoga for a few days, however our instructors can give you alternative movements. The same is true for yoga during pregnancy.