Birth Preparation Class

Getting in the mood for the birth - for couples


Prepare yourself physically and mentally together for the most beautiful day of your life! To the arrival of your baby.


This workshop aims to help you:

  • Trust yourself and the process of the birth.

  • Free yourself from fear of childbirth.

  • Learn to listen to your instincts and intuition.

  • Discover which role your partner can play in childbirth. In this workshop he/she will be equipped with tools that will assist you in a practical way with the birth of your baby.

To support the birth process, the pelvis must be opened to the maximum so that the baby can pass through. Certain positions facilitate this opening with the support of the partner.


In this small group event we practice different birthing positions and how to use the breath effectively and for the best results. Effective breathing during labor can help you relax and focus. Ease of movement and birthing positions make it easier to open the pelvis with the help of gravity. You will learn to use sound to stimulate work, release tension and stay centered. You will hear how to release positive birth hormones. How to relax through contractions and between contractions, how to create a body memory of the exhalation and thereby give birth more easily without exertion.

This workshop aims to transform fear into a calm force in the transition to motherhood and use yoga resources to harness the wisdom of the inner body available to all women.

Your Instructor

I opened our studio in 2013 and teach there with all my heart. Yoga can pick you up, transform you, and has infinite power.

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