Prenatal Yoga Classes

Yoga is the ideal accompaniment to the physical and emotional changes that happen in pregnancy and early motherhood. As well as promoting mental and physical well-being, yoga will help you to find peace, strength and balance.


Our Prenatal Yoga class is suitable for women in their second or third trimester (between 14 and 40+ weeks). It includes pelvic floor exercises, mudra or finger yoga, body loosening and relaxation. As well as asanas to stretch and strengthen your muscles, you’ll learn breathing techniques and the principles of Nada Yoga, which involves sound and vibrations. These techniques allow you to relax, recharge your batteries, center yourself and bond with your baby. As well as relieving discomfort, the gentle breathing exercises and movements you learn will help you to move safely and optimally position your body and your baby.


Pregnancy yoga according to BIRTHLIGHT Yoga  is gentle and safe for all women, whether you’re completely new to yoga or have years of experience. The movements are casual and rhythmic, and have been carefully designed to build awareness, endurance and strength in certain muscle groups, while promoting stretching and relaxation in others. Our routines are carefully balanced between activity and relaxation.


Our focus is on providing the best possible basis for your transition into parenthood. Every pregnancy is unique and special attention is paid to every expectant mother, regardless of whether you’re having your first child or are already a busy mother.


In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, there is a great focus on supporting the preparation for the birth, so we also offer a separate Birth Preparation Class which you can attend with your partner. There is also a Postnatal Class for women who have recently given birth.


Julia has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga after Birthlight for almost 10 years in Berlin. Allow her to guide you through these wonderful hours.




We offer two open prenatal classes every week on Monday and Thursday mornings, with each class running for 75 minutes. An eight week prenatal course is also available on Monday evenings. To see the next available course, or join the waiting list, simply follow the instructions in the form below, or contact us directly.

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I opened our studio in 2013 and teach there with all my heart. Yoga can pick you up, transform you, and has infinite power.

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