Our Yoga Instructors


Julia Krusche

My path to yoga began in 2005, when I discovered the spiritual silence and the inward alignment that ashtanga could offer. I felt held like a baby in my mother’s arms, as a portal that I had longed-for opened, in which a whole universe lay. For Ashtanga Yoga, it was love at first breath. Since then I have enjoyed this multi-layered, dynamic, meditative, quiet and fine practice again and again. 


My teachers during my early periods of practise, teacher training courses and workshops include Gregor Maehle, Francois Friedman, Nancy Gilgoff (Primary and Intermediate Clinic 2012), Andrea Lutz (2011/12 Ashtanga-Yogalehrer Ausbildung 200h), Manju Jois, Peter Sanson and Kristeen Ruffell.


Throughout my pregnancies, I was intensively involved with yoga. I am also a trained Birthlight UK baby yoga and children's yoga teacher, as well as a teacher of Birthlight’s prenatal & postnatal yoga methods.  In past summers, I experienced wonderful retreats in the Plum Village founded by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Before my studio opened, I worked as a qualified social pedagogue in youth education and migration work. I was inspired by the constant opportunities to learn new things. In 2013 I opened the studio, where I now teach with all my heart.

The methods of yoga, asana and the higher limbs accompany me and support me in my development. They can pick you up, transform you and have infinite power. This is the power of the love of your inner heart.


Lisa Wahl

My childhood and youth were shaped by trying out different dance styles. I found a wonderful complement in yoga. Ashtanga Yoga became my focus after collecting different yoga experiences. In 2017 I completed my 200h training in a holistic Ashtanga style with Yogi Sivadas from the Kailast Tribal School of Yoga & Holistic Healing. Since then, I have been teaching and practicing, and have been inspired by the exchange with movement artists and an interest in holistic health approaches, a yoga practice that combines physical health with a loving self-awareness.

In 2019, my path led me back to classic Ashtanga and I found my base with Julia in the studio. Here I am currently teaching gently guided Ashtanga lessons. So far I have deepened my practice with teachers such as Surinder Singh, Anja Kühnel and Manju Jois, as well as in the Sivananda Center in Neyyar Dam.

My lessons begin with conscious arrival in the room and conscious breathing - so that we  can fully devote ourselves to our mind and body. I look forward to lovingly accompanying and supporting you in alignment, breathing and mastering personal challenges on your way to more body awareness and physical health.


Pascale Pieper

It was my father who brought yoga to my life, back in 2007, when he opened a yoga studio. It was hot yoga, and although the heat was not for me, I fell in love with the practice.

That love grows every day, as I find more and more layers of knowledge to be discovered through the practice.

I see yoga as a way to find truth and love, to find patience, humility, and stability. To find the present and to find oneself. It all comes with the practice.

I have tried and I honor many different traditions and styles, and I have found in Ashtanga my home. The regular practice keeps me alive, opens my heart, and calms my mind.

My path as a yoga teacher started at the beginning of 2020 in Rishikesh, India, where I did my teacher training, and it is a gift to be able to share this ancient practice with others. 

I'm forever grateful to all my teachers.


Teresa Liesche-Conz

My yoga voyage of discovery began in Berlin in 2005 when I was looking for something to balance my marathon training. I was impressed by the calming effects of yoga on my body and mind. In an accident in 2012 I broke two vertebrae and had to learn to live with a metal implant -  pain was a constant presence in my life. When the implant was finally removed I resumed my yoga practice. My practice was more intense, and I was enlightened by my body's ability to heal. To this day, when I go into the wheel (Urdvha Dhanurasana), I am infinitely grateful for my yoga practice, as it has given me back flexibility and body awareness.

In 2016 I went to Chicago with my family. There I completed a yoga teacher training course - 200 hours of Ashtanga focused with Jill Jerome and Liza McCormick in the Yoga Loft Chicago. In various studios I taught Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative, Mysore, Ashtanga Primary Series and StandUp Paddle Yoga on Lake Michigan. From 2013-2018 I took part in workshops with Patrick Broome, Yogeswari, Sharon Gannon, Jules Febre and David Swenson.

In 2018 I returned to Berlin and am happy to have found a home as a yoga teacher in Julia's  wonderful Ashtanga studio. My focus is to share my passion for yoga with you and to show that progress and change are always possible. Just get on the mat and listen to your body.

Atha Yoganusasanam - Yoga begins: here and now.

(Yoga Sutra of Patanjali 1.1)