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When selecting a class in our timetable, you will be presented with several possible pricing options.

We offer online options, compact courses and individual participation.

All of our content is available on a drop-in or membership basis.

If you want to participate once in the studio,

60 minute courses can be attended in the studio for €16 and 75-90 minute courses for €18.


Please select classes in the course schedule, the online prices differ from the studio prices.

To see how Ashtanga Yoga fits into your schedule, affects your body and mind,

we recommend purchasing a multiple card or a three-month subscription.

In addition, we teach  private lessons.

private yoga class 60-75min* approx. 100 €

private yoga class 90min* 120€

*plus 15-30 minutes conversation (included in the price)

Berlin visitor weekly ticket 75€

All possible price options are displayed after selecting a class in the timetable

If you need a reduced price due to your financial situation, please let us know,

we are happy to find a solution to support your practice.


5s & 10s

  • long validity

  • Individual support

  • All information when selecting a class in the timetable




  • Four classes in one month

  • Choose classes that fit your schedule

  • Discover if Ashtanga Yoga is for you

Subscriptions & Membership

  • free choice of date

  • changeable monthly

  • Start every day of the month

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