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Postnatal yoga classes

Yoga for new moms


The postnatal recovery period is also known as the fourth trimester of pregnancy. This is the time of transition into motherhood, bonding with your baby and the body's slow recovery from delivery. Gentle movement during this time is important to help the body regain balance and strength.

This class features relaxation stretches combined with deep breathing and small, slow movements. The importance of postnatal recovery exercises in restoring posture, closing the body after childbirth, preventing stress incontinence and uterine prolapse cannot be overstated.

We recommend starting from the fourth to sixth week and nurturing the mother's body with the baby by her side until the fourth month. From the fifth month we move to more dynamic yoga to help us recover from the birth and the baby becomes more involved as part of the class.

Babies up to 9 months are welcome in these postnatal classes. We integrate exercises from baby yoga which are useful and fun for mom and baby.

So our postnatal classes are a beautiful experience for both mothers and babies. 

Our next course starts  in summer 2022 as a community college course, please contact us for more information.

The course leader Julia Krusche is trained at Birthlight UK as a pre- & postnatal yoga teacher. In addition, she completed, among other things, a birthlight baby yoga teacher training.

She is passionate about teaching, here is her profile:

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I opened our studio in 2013 and teach there with all my heart. Birthlight Pre- & Postnatal Yoga supported and enriched me a lot.

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