Yoga for Beginners - BASICs

Our classes are small and intimate, even more so with the current health regulations, so there is plenty of opportunity for individual attention. No matter your skill level or physical ability, our Instructors will make sure that you feel totally comfortable. With us, you can expect to feel challenged and inspired, but never out of your depth.

BASICs Class


On Tuesday and Thursday mornings we introduce our students to the Ashtanga yoga method with a gentle standing sequence and some easier sitting positions. The class goes for approximately 1 hour and is designed specifically for beginners. The asanas, or movements, are adapted for each person’s skill level, so everybody is able to follow. Breathing technique is an essential element in yoga, so you’ll also discover how to do it properly so you can experience an ideal state of flow.

How to Enrol


Discovering all the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga takes some time. With a ProbemonatCard, you can attend as many classes as you like for 4 weeks from the day of purchase. One check-in per day is possible.

In addition to the BASICs class, with this card you can also attend Mysore classes, as well as our Yin Yoga and Half Primary LED classes. This is the best way to consolidate the knowledge you will learn in the introductory class and see what other styles you can advance to in future.

Your Instructor

I opened our studio in 2013 and teach there with all my heart. Yoga can pick you up, transform you, and has infinite power.

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