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Ashtanga First Series - Gently adjusted

In these yoga classes we guide through most of the first series of Ashtanga Yoga. In particular about

In addition to Navasana (boat pose), variations of the poses are offered. Preparatory backbends round off the practice.  

The focus of the practice is on steady tempo, asana names and awareness of breathing in conjunction with bandhas and drishti. Please contact us beforehand if the class is suitable for you.

The class is quite demanding and is suitable for ambitious Ashtanga (Vinyasa) students with established practical experience.   This class is less suitable for beginners.

Feel invited to join in - Julia guides the practice gently and with lots of instructions.

Intermediate movements promote the regeneration of tired muscles and at the same time allow strength to be developed. 

Spontaneous content arises from the individuality of the group.

We offer different budget price options for this class.

Furthermore, you can participate in the Ashtanga classes via many other cards and subscriptions.

Please see the course schedule.

online reservation

until June 6th we are reducing our timetable due to stays abroad and further training.
You can find more information about the classes and prices in the course schedule  .

Please observe the hygiene rules If you have any questions   please contact us.

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