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Shoulder-Neck Release 

Shoulder and neck release – healing yoga, Ashtanga yoga

This special yoga course relies on a conscious beginning, a relaxed end, meditative concentration and conscious breathing. The goal is looseness (among other things) for the neck and the cervical spine, stable shoulder blades as a mediator between head and arms. In this course we practice long-term effective exercises from yoga therapy, sports medicine and Ashtanga yoga. We bring dynamics into the interaction of the neck muscles, an upright, open posture becomes possible. The continuous alternation of tension and relaxation supports the muscles in their elasticity. A gently flowing yoga sequence brings us to shoulder and neck relaxation and strengthening.

A yoga end sequence and guided relaxation complete each practice session. 

You can take this course both in the yoga studio and online. 

The fine alignment in the exercises is sometimes supplemented with some facial yoga exercises.

The extensive knowledge of the teacher adapts individually to the group.

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until June 6th we are reducing our timetable due to stays abroad and further training.

You can find more information about the classes and prices in   in the course schedule.

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