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hygiene rules

To help us create a safe space for all of our students and teachers in the current environment, we all need to keep a few simple things in mind:

  • If you feel sick or have cold symptoms, please stay at home or take an online class instead.

  • Please wear your mask until you are on your mat.

  • The 3G regulation applies to our classes (private lessons and group lessons),   fully vaccinated, recovered (up to 3 months) or tested (no older than 24 hours) can participate in attendance.

  • Please keep your distance from others during the yoga practice.

  • Our rooms are equipped with a high-quality air purifier with powerful HyperHEPA filters, the IQ AIR HealthPro 100 . This is the same model used by hospitals and laboratory facilities to capture and neutralize airborne coronavirus particles. Learn more about the device and how it protects against COVID-19 here. This air purification device is our big PLUS.

 Our door handles, sanitary facilities and surfaces are also regularly disinfected.

For questions, please contact us.

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